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Ready for Something Different?

We Do NOT Deal in Impressions or Views of Your Adz!

Instead, We Give You Guaranteed Clicks On Your Adz

Guaranteed Clicks
Most sites give you a certain # of impressions for ads, i.e. 500 Banner Impressions. So, who knows how many clicks you'll get on your banner during those 500 impressions... However, we give you ACTUAL CLICKS, so if we give you 25 or 30 clicks per banner, then your banner is shown until you get that many clicks, because you are GUARANTEED that # of CLICKS! ...Like I said, WE ARE DIFFERENT

Super Solo Network Adz
We offer PIF Super Network Ads (click to view network sites) to over 23,000 very responsive members!

Never Run Out Of Adz
One of our greatest features is our Prizes (Active Rewards), where after you view a certain number of adz of any type, you get a new Ad of that same type FREE! Need another Solo Ad?... just view the number of Solos listed in the chart and, presto, you got a new Solo Ad.

Personal Downline Builder
Plug-in YOUR favorite programs and build downlines in them easily, thru 5 levels! This is a similar feature to our Admin Downline Builder, EXCEPT this one is ALL YOURS! Click here for an Example page.

Full Page Login Ads
A captured audience sees your website before they get to the members area. And, there is no bypass for this ... Guaranteed Views of 20 Seconds!

Magic Adz Profit Pool
This is a pool of profits from every ad package sale and every upgrade purchased during the race to the next 500 contest. The top winner earns 60% of that pool, 2nd place top referrer earns the other 40% profit share. Winners 1-10 all win Points Packages. New contest starts next race and zero's out the pool, to start all over again!

We have REAL Contact Solo Adz
We have Cash Solo Adz, Solo Adz, and CONTACT Solo Adz! Yes, these are REAL Contact Solo Adz, because when you join, you register and List & a Contact email address. We will send 1 (and only 1) Contact Solo Ad per day. Don't worry about the list email address tho, because you can still view solo adz on-site.

Manual Traffic Exchange
We have one of the easiest and most fun Traffic Exchanges online. Nothing complicated to get to the next site & the credit system is separate from the other adz in order to encourage you to use the exchange.

More Advertising
We also offer Login Ads, Banner & Button Ads, Hot Links, 7 day Top & Bottom Navigation Links.

Yes, we offer 3 different Income Streams! Earn when a referral upgrades, when they purchase an ad package, and when they purchase single advertising! We have banners and pre-written ads for you to use.

Free Ad Package Promo Code: welcome
3 Solo Ads 3 Banner Ads 3 Buttons Ads
3 Traffic Links 3 Hots Links 1 Login Ad
500 Points 30 Surf Credits

Commissions are paid on personal referrals for 1 tier only.
Members are NOT required to make any purchase in order
to receive commission from Personal Referral Purchases.

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